Welcome to Feng Shui By Nobuyo Anne K. Founded by Nobuyo Anne Katharine, Feng Shui By Nobuyo Anne K offers a unique blend of specialized services designed to serve an extraordinary and diverse clientele – individuals, homeowners, and businesses. We take a comprehensive approach and consider all three levels of the energy trio: heaven(), earth(), and human () to meet your specific needs and timelines. We review your BaZi and Nine Star Ki charts, which work with celestial cycles (heaven energy - ) in order to provide personalized, powerful, and practical Feng Shui recommendations, which works with the environment (earth energy - ). We also offer crystal healings to bring balance and positive changes to your life and mind (human ). Remember, you are a co-creator of your life!

It is my goal to help you follow your inner compass to your True North and discover your flourishing personality by providing comprehensive guidance through Traditional Feng Shui analysis and crystal healing.

Classical Feng Shui Consultation

Interior Color Consulting

Space Clearing

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